Strangeloop 2019: “Networking and Go: An Engineer’s Journey”

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MicroCPH 2019: Observability and Product Release - Building, Testing, and Shipping New Features At DigitalOcean

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Capetown Golang Meetup 2019: Networking and Go

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Capetown Docker Meetup 2019: Containers DIY

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GithubUniverse 2018: Observability Pre-Release

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Promcon 2018: Observability and Product Release

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Promcon 2018: Baby Steps to Open Source contribution

This was a lightning talk co-presented with Daisy T! Slides

Self-Service Dev 2017: Leveraging Kubernetes at DigitalOcean


Promcon 2017: Prometheus Everything, Observing Kubernetes in the Cloud

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VelocityCon 2017: Observability in a Dynamically Scheduled World

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Hyderabad DO Meetup 2017: Containers

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Sweetcode: Learning Kubernetes: Get Started with Minikube

Wercker: Kubernetes: The Latest and Greatest

Wercker: Kubernetes’ Killer Features


Digital Ocean Blog: The What, Why, and How of Metrics and Observability

SweetCode: Distributed Tracing: The What, Why, and How


Wercker: Continuous Deployment with Wercker: A Tale of Python Bots

Rancher Labs: CNCF Projects you May Have Missed

Career Karma: How to Make a Career Transition as a Software Engineer



I’ve worked on a few different teams and projects (the majority of which are written in Go) at DigitalOcean.


In 2016, I was a member of the Tow-Kight Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellowship. I worked on and presented Fibbit, a veterinary search and health tool for pets, with pricing information for various vaccines, exams, and procedures. I pitched Fibbit at the conclusion of the fellowship. The Fibbit prototype was a simple Node.js application leveraging mapbox.js.


From 2015 to 2016, I worked on Perooz, a journalism tool consisting of a website and an annotation tool for news websites. My cofounder and I pitched at various events and to several accelerators but ultimately elected to stop working on the project and release it. The various repos can be found here and here. I even wrote a postmortem of sorts on it.


I started taking photos with a used Sony A5100 mirrorless a year ago and finally decided to create a portfolio and start blogging here.


Trollbusters - Cracking the Code 2015

Buddy the Beagle - TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

Perooz - NY’ Times Hack Day 2014